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Parliament Hill, Ottawa, ON, CA

The Alumni Canada Brasil Network is a group of students and professionals from across Brazil and Canada looking to foster and strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

Our group includes members from various states and provinces, representing a large number of Canadian and Brazilian universities and businesses.

The group was originally formed as part of an initiative of the Consulate General in Brazil. It now includes a growing number of Brazilian students and professionals with some experience in Canada – whether through work assignments, study, exchange programs, among others. The Alumni Canada Brasil Network has developed partnerships with a variety of institutions, as well as past and present scholarship-holders and professionals, all of whom enrich our network in a variety of ways.

Our primary goal is to support students and professionals planning to study or work abroad, either in Canada or in Brazil , by providing them with useful information and tips from members that had similar experiences in the past.

In addition, we also aim to build a more general, interdisciplinary network for those interested in exchanging ideas and information on a wide range of areas of work and study, helping to create partnerships for future projects.

We believe it is an especially important time for this type of partnership, with the governments of both countries offering exciting new opportunities to those wishing to travel and exchange knowledge in their respective areas.

Over 150,000 students embark on this type of exchange every year, travelling to Canada for high-school, undergraduate or graduate studies, thanks in great part to the many scholarships and exchange programs devised by the Canadian and Brazilian governments. The reverse is also becoming more and more common, with a growing number of Canadian students and professionals making their way to Brazil.

Our network aims to encourage this type of bilateral exchange and to provide support for its participants, allowing them to benefit from each other’s technical, academic, and professional assets.

On our website, you will find testimonials  and tips from people who already gone on exchanges to Canada or Brazil, as well as detailed lists of high-schools, universities, and colleges where you can study. You will also find descriptions of the various scholarships that are available to residents of both countries, educational information in general, links to specific student-groups at different universities, and much more!

Become a member of our network and take advantage of everything we have to offer!

Many opportunities await…

Welcome to the Alumni Canada Brasil Network!!!!!